“From folk music to melancholic blues and heavy groove with a joy for music that radiates out into the venue. Malin Foxdal sings with strong feeling and varies her voice from ethereal notes to melancholic darkness and glowing power.”
Norrtälje Tidning

Malin Foxdal has been described as “Folk music’s Monica Zetterlund”. Her distinct mix of Swedish folk music and song with influences from American folk music and blues has won the hearts of both audience and critics. A singer with no limits and maximal stage presence. Personal and immersed in the moment, with everything from folk music and songs to art music and storytelling theatre in her repertoire, she has spellbound audiences throughout the entire country as well as Europe, USA and Asia. Over the years she has collaborated with, amongst others, Peter Carlsson & Blå Grodorna, Lena Willemark, Sofia Karlsson, Bengan Jansson & Kalle Moraeus, Mikael Samuelsson, the list is long… Malin has been a member of several bands, such as Irmelin and Electric Folk. Since 2007 she is an artist under her own name and often plays with Anders Nygårds & Magnus Zetterlund. Over the years the band has varied from trio to sextet, and amongst others Esbjörn Hazelius, Emma Reid, Mattias Pérez and Johan Lindbom have played with Malin.

Malin was born in 1978 in Sundborn, Dalarna, where she began her musical path in Karlsbyheden’s children’s choir when she was four years old. When she was eight years old the family moved to Falun. There, she received her first major role as soloist in a concert with Georg Riedel when she was eleven. Malin has studied at the Music and Arts programme at Haraldsbo Secondary School, Musikkonservatoriet in Falun and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (1998-2004). Following her graduation she has worked as a singer, actress, composer and playwright. After living in Stockholm for fifteen years she is once again resident in Falun.

In addition to her current projects, Malin can also be engaged as soloist, singing teacher and for artistic coaching, as well as workshop/course leader and arranger of vocal music.

“Her voice has an enormous breadth. Suggestively and effectively she mixes low and high sounds in her interpretations of folk music. She reaches unimagined heights in a series of tracks, and the album is further enhanced by an impressive group of musicians. A fantastic debut, which hopefully will reach far beyond the folk music trail.”
M.J. – KIM

“It is seldom that Swedish folk music grabs hold of you like this. In the company of American bluegrass and Malin’s pronounced sense of timing, the Swedish song archive receives new life. Listen and shiver – with joy.”
Åsa Brolin, Femina

“Well-educated and highly talented singer Malin Foxdal is back with a tasteful mix of Swedish, American and Celtic folk. She makes her own personal and well-formulated interpretations of the American singer and composer Gillian Welch. It is soft country, energetic bluegrass and swinging British folk music. Malin has a confident and enjoyable voice, and her well-made arrangements dress the music for a party, with slightly unusual instruments such as mandolin, cittern and dobro. Congratulations also to the creators of the album cover, the best-looking one I’ve seen in a long time.”
Bo Levander, Jönköpingsposten

“How I have waited for Malin Foxdal’s second solo album! Here it is now, and the result is congenial and brilliant! The album Nattfjäril has everything; fantastic musicians, wonderful texts and arrangements that touch the listener, professional cover and of course the versatile Foxdal’s expressive song. Her voice conveys a natural warm sincerity and grounded authenticity in this fusion of Swedish and American folk music, which is Foxdal’s own unique signature. Nattfjäril is a complete pleasure, by an artist who has found their way home!”
Alexandra Ullsten, Lira

“Malin Foxdal sings some of Gillian Welch’s and David Rawlings’ best songs in Swedish in original, airy and light arrangements. The respectful borrowing of tunes is woven into a sympathetic fabric that wraps itself around a mixture of Swedish, American and Celtic folk music. The musical seams are well sewn with the warmth that flows through Malin Foxdal and her five professional creative music companions. Nattfjäril floats forward on an current of delightful saltiness.”
Lars Åbom, Östgötacorrespondenten

“She has mastered the American legacy and is not stuck in the Swedish folk ground, but rather has the ability to mix the two worlds. She has a strong but sensitive voice and her mandolin, piano and keyboard playing get a large helping hand from dobros, fiddles and most cool of all: Clas Yngström’s distorted wahwah orgasm of an outro solo in “Har du lämnat allt?” In addition, Foxdal’s naked, open texts hold the same class as Sofia Karlsson’s, and if Falun-born Foxdal tours like crazy with this she has definitely got the possibility to also gain a large fanbase.”
Erik Süss, Arbetarbladet

“It is a good and well-produced album, but as so often can be, the songs really come into their own right on stage. It feels as though they have been written to be performed before an audience, not to stay in the song-writing chamber. This is no problem, either for Malin Foxdal or the musicians she has chosen to play with; together they create a shimmering sound world dominated by string instruments and, most of all, Foxdal’s pure and strong, and sometimes folk music ornamented, voice.”
Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet

“The blues and country stick around on Lång väg hem - her first full-length album with only original songs - but in a more subtle way. She moves easily and freely in a genre that is folk song and steel-string country with a varnish of pop. They are simple and balanced songs carried by Malin’s voice. An album that leads home.”
Moa Fahlander, Dalarnas Tidningar